Acoustic Energy Professional Series

Professional Series

Produced: 2006 - 2015

In 1988 the AE1 was launched. It was originally designed to satisfy the needs of the professional audio sector by offering compact dimensions, great accuracy, precise stereo imaging, dynamics and transparency coupled with high power handling and linearity. The AE1 quickly gained a global reputation with musicians, recording artists and studio engineers.

Subsequently it won the British Hi-Fi Award for Best Speaker in 1991 and 1992. Acclaim for the AE Reference Series, of which it was a part, grew world-wide. The hi-fi sector rapidly became an integral element of Acoustic Energy's market and the company has grown to distribute in over 50 markets worldwide in addition to its strong market within the UK.

Our roots are in the professional audio market, so in 2007 a new professional monitor, the AE22 was developed and the original AE1 re-launched to bring AE back to its origins.

Professional Audio is a specialist sector that requires bespoke attention and a high level of user engagement and support, so our professional department has been specifically set up to better serve the pro market and its customers.