Acoustic Energy Pro Sub

Pro Sub

Acoustic Energy Pro SubBuilding on the success of the AE22 active and AE22 passive near field monitors.

AE has extended its pro-audio line up with an innovative subwoofer and satellite monitor system. The AE Pro Sub-Sat system distils AE’s 25-years of award-winning loudspeaker engineering into the company’s most accurate and revealing ultra-compact monitor system to date. Fully active, the Pro Sub-Sat system can be configured as 2.0/2.1 channel for stereo mastering or as a 5.1 system for the growing multi-channel market.

The matching AE ProSub is a sealed cabinet active sub-bass system, compact enough for easy placement in any studio. Despite being just 350mm per side, the ProSub allies a 200Watt RMS amplifier to twin 250mm aluminium cone bass drivers for potent low frequency reproduction. Mounted in opposing planes and wired in-phase, the twin drivers with long throw magnets are effectively force-cancelling. This reduces cabinet vibration and room-interaction, allowing broad placement tolerance for studios with restricted space. Capable of extension down to 25Hz the ProSub has been designed to offer unsurpassed bass speed and accuracy from a compact enclosure.

Technical Specifications
Type: Sealed cabinet active subwoofer
Drivers: Twin 250mm aluminum cone. High-power long-throw magnet system
Low Frequency Extension: -6dB @ 25Hz
Amplifier: 200 watts
Low Pass Filter: 2nd order, 70Hz or 100Hz switchable
Phase: 0 degrees, 180 degrees
Input Sensitivity: 600mV for rated output. Level @ 0dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 350mm x 350mm x 330mm
Weight: 14.5kg (single, unpacked)
Shielded: No