Acoustic Energy Radiance Radiance 8 Subwoofer

Radiance 8 Subwoofer

Acoustic Energy Radiance 8 subwooferThe Radiance Sub is a compact, yet high performance subwoofer designed to compliment the Radiance Series loudspeakers.

An active sealed box design, the Radiance Sub remains controlled under all acoustic conditions – capable of timing perfectly with the most demanding music or producing thunderous explosions with the latest blockbuster films. Featuring a full array of user controllable notch-filters, the Radiance Sub can be tuned accurately to any room – avoiding the “boom” associated with many poorly set-up subwoofer systems.

Technical Specifications
Finish: Antique ash or natural ash
Type: Closed box, active subwoofer
Drivers: 220mm pulp cone with 48mm thermally bonded voice coil. High-power long-throw magnet system
Low Frequency Cut-off: 6dB @ 26Hz
Amplifier: 200 watts into 8 Ohms
Low Pass Filter: Variable 2nd order, 45Hz to 150Hz
Phase: Variable 0° to 180°
Notch Filter: Variable, Frequency: 40 to 100Hz, Q: 1.5 to 5.0, Level: 0dB to -12dB
Dimensions: 410 x 360 x 325mm (HxWxD)
Weight: 17.0kg (single, unpacked)