Acoustic Energy 3 Series Loudspeaker Range


The 3-Series is intended to combine the best traditions and design practice with new ideas and technology to meet the requirements of the present. To this end, the 110mm aluminium mid bass driver is a direct evolution of the one used in the original AE1 but this is partnered with an all new 28mm soft dome tweeter for improved high frequency performance. The front mounted low turbulence slot ports make for flexible placement in room and this is encased in clean, modern and extremely elegant cabinets that feature rubberised front panels and magnetic speaker grille tabs that give the 3-Series a real sense of style.

The 3-Series consists of the 301 standmount, 305 floorstander, 307 centre speaker and the 308 subwoofer. This powerful 500 watt design with its large 300mm driver means that the 3-Series is devastatingly effective when used in both stereo and multichannel installations.