HiFi Starters Royalty for the AE1 Active

HiFi Starters Review the AE1 Active
AE1 Active (Walnut, No Grille)

The AE1 Active continues to blow away any competition as shown in the latest review from HiFi Starters. In fact, they impressed Phil Wright so much that he awarded them the very first HiFi Starter Royalty award.

You can read the full review here but here are a few quotes:

“The speakers sounded much bigger than they looked. In part because bass went lower than expected, helping create a large and deep soundstage. One where well recorded music sounded realistic, the sense of being there was strong.”

“Overall the performance of the AE1 Active belied both its price and its size.”

“In assessing the AE1 Actives I threw the audiophile test book at them (witness this review’s length). They came through singing, leaving this listener both impressed and rather attached to them. Hence them receiving our very first HiFi Starter Royalty award, reserved for the very best of beginner’s HiFi. Thoroughly deserved!”