HiFiCritic award the AE320 a Best Buy

AE320 (Black)

HiFiCritic-Best-Buy-AwardWe start the week with another review. Today it’s the turn of Chris Kelly at HIFICRITIC who got his hands on a pair of the flagship AE320s and didn’t want to give them back!

We’ve reproduced a few quotes below, but you can download the full review here and find out why they earned a Best Buy Badge…

“I played rock, blues, jazz, pop, classical and choral music, and the AE320s never failed to engage and delight.“

“It is therefore with confidence that I am able to say that the AE320s are an excellent all round loudspeaker.”

“The AE320s will soon be collected from Kelly Towers but I shan’t soon forget them. It is hard therefore not to laud them as a bonafide audio bargain – and very easy and an absolute pleasure to recommend them wholeheartedly.”

You can read the full view by downloading the pdf version here.