It’s 5 Globes for the AE320 from Hi-Fi World

AE320 (Black, No Grille)

We start the week with our second AE320 review, this one comes from Noel Keywood at Hi-Fi World (February 2022 Issue). We continue our fantastic run of 5 Star reviews (OK, Globes on this occasion!).

We’d suggest picking up a copy of the magazine as not only will you get to read this review (and plenty of others) in full, but you also have a chance to win a pair of our brand new AE1002 loudspeakers. What are you waiting for? Maybe just a couple of quotes first then…

“… clean and clear without any sharpness from the tweeter – something I greatly appreciate, something the company constantly achieve.”

“At the price I’d rate the AE320s as a great package, one well worth hearing.”

“Fast, clear and very strong lows. A punchy exciting sound.”