Lend me your Ear… for an AE500 review from TheEar.net

Do you hear what I hear… that’s right, it’s another 5 Star review and this time it’s from The Ear! Trevor Butler had the privilege of the AE500s and, yet again, we find a reviewer not wanting to hand back the product!

Before heading over to their website to read the full review, here are a few snippets to whet your appetite…

“At first I thought I had left my usual £3,700 monitors connected since I could not believe how authoritative the compact boxes sounded and how a large a sound they could generate, way beyond their physical size.”

“This little box puts many other small speakers to shame: not only is it better made and sounds superior but comes in at a sensible price.”

“The bad news is, now that I’ve finally got round to committing my thoughts I will have to return these beauties. I shall miss them.”
Acoustic Energy AE500 The Ear Review