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Aego 2 / Aego M Systems

Acoustic Energy Aego M Computer SpeakersAego 2: 2001 – 2005
Aego M: 2006 – 2016

Can I use the Aego M with my TV/PC/DVD player, etc?

The Aego M can be used with anything that has a headphone (mini-jack) output or left and right phono socket outputs. This includes most computers, MP3 players, Tablets, TV’s etc but please check in the product manual or with its manufacturer to confirm this. Our system includes all the necessary cables to connect it up to these devices.

Do you sell a centre speaker for use with the Aego’s centre speaker output?

Yes we sell a satellite speaker kit, comprising a satellite speaker and cable. You can buy these through our UK Sales Department on 01285 654432 or from our eBay store. To get the best from the centre you will need a dedicated centre speaker output on your amplifier into the Aego Subwoofer.

Do you sell wall brackets for use with the satellites?

Yes we do. The bracket inserts directly into the hole on the back of the satellite. To order these please contact our UK Sales Department on 01285 654432 or visit our eBay store.

What impedance are the satellites?

The Aego M satellite impedance is less than 1.5 ohms. They are only designed to be used with the Aego M sub’s amplifier and not conventional amplifiers, which usually drive speakers of 4 to 8 Ohms. Due to their low impedance they draw a lot of current and power from the amplifier compared to conventional speakers which could result in damage to the amp or satellites.

I get a crackling sound through the speakers when changing the volume

This is an issue with dust getting into the volume control. It can easily be rectified by cleaning the volume pot. Please contact our technical department who can send you instructions on how to perform a clean on this part.