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NOT AE Reference Speakers

Sadly, there are some loudspeakers available on the second hand market that are being sold and described as Acoustic Energy Reference 3 or 3-Series loudspeakers (see picture).

Please be aware that these are NOT in any way AE loudspeakers.

It is easy to distinguish the Acoustic Energy Reference 3 from any fake versions by the following:

  • High gloss finish – not a vinyl wrapped box
  • Single wired – not bi-wired
  • Magnetic grilles – these have holes for the grilles to attach too
  • AE Logo on the front – NOT “AER”
  • Silver Serial number plate on the rear
  • Made in the UK – NOT made in the USA
  • Weight shown as Kg’s – not in lbs

You can find pictures of the Reference 3 here.
If you have any queries as to what is, or is not, an authentic AE loudspeaker then please contact us before making a purchase.

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