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Acoustic Energy Wifi radioWiFi Radio: 2005 – 2007

My radio is stuck in a loop and will not initialise

The cause of this problem is a wireless network, either yours or a neighbouring one, that has a wireless router running in the wireless N mode (802.11n), which was introduced 2 years after our radio was discontinued in 2007. If this is the case it will cause the radio to lock up and continually reboot without getting to the menus. Our radio is only compatible with the older 802.11 b or g wireless routers. Some possible solutions are:

Deactivating the 802.11n mode of your router

If the problem is actually caused by your own router, e.g. after upgrading to a new model etc., you could try to deactivate its 802.11n mode. Of course this will mean that you restrict yourself to a maximum of 54 Mbit/s available under 802.11g. Note that the so-called mixed mode 802.11g+n also affects the radio’s WLAN module.

Shielding your radio from 802.11n signals

If the problem is caused by a neighbour’s router close by, you might try to reposition your radio closer to your own router and/or further away from the suspected source of interference. Of course, you can also ask your neighbour to disable the 802.11n mode if possible as described above.

Servicing and Spare Parts

We regret that we are no longer able to service this model and spares are no longer available.