Part-Time Audiophile award the Corinium a “Reviewers Choice” badge

Part-Time Audiophile Reviewers Choice AwardPart-Time Audiophile in the USA has released his review of the CORINIUM and awarded it a “Reviewers Choice” badge.

You can read the full review over on his website, but to get you started here’s a couple of our favourite quotes…

“The Acoustic Energy Corinium loudspeakers have smoothed the hard corners at the higher levels of resolution to produce something that just sounds damn good no matter what music is thrown at them.”

“Which brings me back to the “Corinium problem.” What should I compare these to? Von Scheiweikert Endeavor RE’s have more air and space, at 3x the price. Magico A5’s have cleaner mids and a bit more boogie, at 4x the price. Acora SRBs disappear in the room better at 2x the price. I have honestly been racking my brain, and putting off writing this for weeks because I do not know what to compare these too at anything less than double the price, which I think is the point that Acoustic Energy is making here. They are putting the industry on notice that big money does not always equal better. The Acoustic Energy Corinium speakers are special. Please go listen to them.”

Corinium review from Part-Time Audiophile