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Press and review round up

Hi-Fi Choice LogoWe’ve been getting some attention in the hi-fi press recently. So, here’s a roundup of some of our press activity and reviews

Hi-Fi News – Yearbook 2013
Hi-Fi News have given the Radiance 2 the “Outstanding Product” accolade in their 2013 yearbook.

Verdict: “Everything the Radiance 2 speakers play is an absolute joy to hear. With their superb build quality and impressive weight they show just what a high level of sonic satisfaction can be achieved for a £1000 outlay.

You can get your copy from any good local newsagent or online from the Hi-Fi News website.

Hi-Fi Choice – December 2013
In the December issue of Hi-Fi Choice the 305 floorstanders feature in a group test against four other contenders. Here are a few highlights from the review…

Elegantly styled, superbly screwed together and with a strong all-round sound, what’s not to like?

Superb build and finish at the price, plus a smooth and musical sound.

There is a wealth of detail sparkling out of the mix, yet the music never sounds in-your-face.

Finally… “We say: This is a strong all-round compact floorstander.

Hi-Fi Choice – December 2013
The “Retro” feature in the December issue of Hi-Fi Choice features the original AE1 speaker.

The article explains the intricacies of the design and explains how it was seen as a game changer, starting the trend away from large box design speakers. They are also compared to the Porsche 911… “The AE1s were as much of the eighties zeitgeist as Porsche’s 911”.

They conclude that the AE1 is “One of the finest designs of its day, the AE1 harks back to a time when loudspeakers were a little more focused than they are now.

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