Soundstage! Canada review the AE1 Active

AE1 Active (Walnut, No Grille)

Simplifi review the AE1 ActiveFriday I’m in Love, we’ve got The Cure for that…

This week the AE1 Active’s have received their first review in Canada by Gordon Brockhouse from Soundstage! / Simplifi. They maybe 5 years old, but they can still perform amongst the best in the world, in fact many would declare them as such.

Here are a few quotes, head to the Soundstage! Website to read the full review.

“The AE1 Active is among the most beautifully finished speakers I have ever seen.”

“Throughout my listening, I was wowed by the AE1 Actives’ speed, agility, and transparency. They created a vast soundstage, with incredibly precise location of aural images. Dynamics scaled up and down effortlessly. Microdynamics were outstanding, making it easy to appreciate subtle expressive nuances in the recordings I listened to. And these little speakers could play loudly with little or no distress, and without sounding congested or compressed.”

“Solo piano also sounded glorious through the AE1 Actives. All the pieces on Keith Jarrett’s The Carnegie Hall Concert (16/44.1 ALAC, ECM) were improvised, as with all of his live solo albums, except for the five encores at the end.”

“Acoustic Energy’s AE1 Active belongs on your shortlist, at or very near to the top”

Read the full review here.