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When were my loudspeakers produced?

Records were kept for many of our earlier models (and some since) so we’ve made this information available online to enable you to check production dates.

Information is available for the following models:

AE1 / AE1 MkII / AE1 MkIII / AE1 MkIII SE / AE1 Signature / AE1 Classic

AE2 / AE2 MkII / AE2 Signature

AE3 / AE3 MkII



Reference 1 / 2 / 3

If you would like to find out the ‘birthday’ of your loudspeakers simply click through to the following page, select the required tab and use the search bar on the righthand side to enter the serial number.

Unfortunately, not all records were kept fully up to date so if it displays “unknown” then we have no further information for that model. However, should you have additional information you would like to share / add to the database (or are experiencing issues with this table) then please contact us.

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Please allow time for the page to load as it contains a lot of information.

Reference 3 in Production