Acoustic Energy has been producing world class loudspeakers for over thirty years. Born from the demands of the studio, our speakers are designed to combine accuracy, excitement and user friendliness, bringing our vast experience to every level and type of product we make. We have garnered awards and praise globally for our products and our innovation in materials and technology has also been recognised on many occasions.
Products AE1 Active

AE1 Active

Taking advantage of our experience in the field of active speakers, the AE1 Active is designed to deliver convenience without trading performance

Products 300 Series

300 Series

Building on the hugely popular and universally acclaimed 100 Series, the 300 Series raises the performance bar further still…

Products 100 Series

100 Series

The new 100 Series refines the listening experience at the same time as providing a very room friendly loudspeaker

Products Extreme Series

Extreme Series

Designed to work outdoors in all weather conditions while providing excellent acoustics, power handling and reliability

“Simply, these AE1s do everything they do with a flourish. And that’s not only by the standards of directly competing active speaker alternatives, but also by what we’ve been able to achieve in any price-comparable amp/speakers combination.”

What HiFi?
June 2018
AE1 Active

“What I liked about the bass was that it didn’t showboat but sat within the mix. It retained its individual nature and was both effective and powerful but didn’t pretend that it was the star of the show. That is, it didn’t swamp the soundstage but knew its place and was more effective because of it.”

The Audiophile Man
May 2018
AE1 Active

“The compact Acoustic Energy does well here too, conjuring up a large soundstage that boldly goes – in my listening room – where few other small loudspeakers can.”

Hi-Fi Choice
March 2018

“These AE109 floorstanders are exactly what good budget hi-fi should be. Exciting with rock and pop, authoritative with classical and sparkling with everything in-between. You can pay a good deal more and get a great deal less for your money.”

Hi-Fi World
March 2018

Product of the Year

“This speaker rocks and the impact of drums and other instruments is explosive thanks to its dynamic capabilities.”

The Ear
December 2017
AE1 Active
Products Aego Systems

Aego Systems

The Aego systems include a sub/sat and sub/soundbar combination and Bluetooth all wrapped up in a stylish new design