Acoustic Energy Reference 1 Review from HiFi Choice

Reference 1 Review: HiFi Choice

Acoustic Energy Reference 1 (Piano Ebony)HiFi Choice has just published their review of the Reference 1 loudspeaker.

Here, as usual, are a couple of extracts. You’ll need to buy a copy of the magazine to read the full review…

“… the Reference 1 you see here has some seriously influential DNA in it, and this compact two-way manages the decidedly clever trick of being beautifully finished and as room friendly as any of the competition, but at the same time still exuding some of the professional heritage that the AE1 has in spades.”

“Acoustic Energy has a long and distinguished history of subverting the laws of physics and the Reference 1 knows all the tricks. These little speakers hit harder, go deeper and sound bigger than they have any right to…”

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