The AE120 awarded 5 Stars and Recommended from HiFi Choice

HiFi Choice 5 Star logoIt’s all “Starz in their Eyes” around here recently and today is no exception. HiFi Choice magazine have again awarded us a 5 Star review and Recommended badge, this time for the AE120.
We present a few ‘choice’ quotes before the review hits the shelves of all good newsagents tomorrow…

“…it injects some extra vim into hard electronic percussion for example, such as that of Manix’s Living In The Past EP. This gives the AE120 real extra impetus, it’s not just the brightness but the tightness of the speaker that makes itself heard here.”

“Despite its relatively small stature it doesn’t tend to sit on dynamics and/or make things seem compressed.”

“It is able to eke out the natural vibrancy and emotion in the playing and then communicate it right back to the listener.”
AE120 (Walnut, No Grille)